Advanced Asana and Vinyasa

December 2021

Part of our 300-hour advanced training program, this course can be taken independently for CEU credit or for your general knowledge. This course will focus on supporting advanced practitioners in vinyasa practice, which often includes complex and challenging postures. This course will not only prepare you to teach a physically challenging practice, but also will help you understand how to present advanced classes in a way that supports your students holistically.

Challenge your students physically and mentally with the flowing practice of vinyasa, while keeping them safe and teaching proper progression in yoga practice. This course will cover essential teaching skills and practices you need to teach more advanced physical practices, and teach you how to holistically support advanced practitioners to help them progress safely through their practice.

Full Schedule:

December 3-5 and January 21-23

Friday: 6-9 pm, Saturday: 12 pm-8 pm, Sunday: 10:30 am-5:30 pm

Advanced Asana and Vinyasa Live Virtual Course
Dec 03, 2021, 6:00 PM
Live Virtual Training