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Yoga Teacher
Apprenticeship & Mentorship

Personal one-on-one support in a specific area of study for career development.

A Supportive & Immersive Learning Environment

Designed for Any Body at Any Level our Apprenticeship and Mentoring opportunities offer a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy, development of teaching skills, and hands-on experience under the guidance of yoga therapist and highly trained yoga instructors. We invite you to be apart of our ever growing yoga community where your unique voice and teaching style is celebrated!


  • Yoga Alliance Approved

  • 3-Month Planning Timeline

  • 18 Workshops to pick from all 3- 5 hours each

  • Estimated return -----

20230114 Teaching (98)_edited.jpg


20230114 Teaching (98)_edited.jpg
  • Yoga Alliance Approved

  • 3-Month Planning Timeline

  • 18 Workshops to pick from all 3- 5 hours each

  • Estimated return -----

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Apprenticeship Areas of Focus

Use these suggestions as a guideline for what you might choose to focus on

As yoga therapists and educators, we know the value of learning directly from a mentor. It allows you to be supported individually in the ways that you need. 

When you partner with us for your apprenticeship, you'll learn yoga teaching in line with the classic yoga tradition. All of our mentor teachers have yoga therapy experience, giving them the skills to support you in your practice and professional life while they help you learn more in your chosen area of focus.

Apprenticeship is included as a part of your 300-hour advanced training program, and where many students start their advanced training. You are also welcome to connect with us for a stand-alone apprenticeship. Typically, we plan for about 20 hours, all of which are eligible for continuing education credit with Yoga Alliance.

Asana Refinement

Focus on individual postures that allows the teacher to refine their own practice while learning detailed anatomy and practice of yoga postures. Work with your mentor to break down how to practice and teach postures so that you can fine-tune your understanding of the physical practice of yoga. Learn how you can support students in their physical goals, including how to plan personal practices and help students with manual adjustments.

Presentation and Teaching Skills

Focus on your language, tone, voice, and physical presentation. Learn how to plan your classes effectively so you feel confident in your delivery and understand how different approaches to teaching can help a wide range of students learn effectively.

Professional Skills

Work with your mentor to create a personal plan for your business. Learn how you can pursue your professional goals in the best way with effective marketing, powerful business relationships, and smart business decisions. Find your teaching niche and your ideal clients to help you focus your vision for your career and connect with those you want to serve.

Teaching Special Populations

A focused approach to working with student populations that are of special interest to you. Work with your mentor to create practices for this group and connect with them where you can teach them. This can also be an area of focus if you are wanting to work in a special facility or setting, such as a residential care facility.

Yoga and Spirituality

Learn how the tools of yoga can be combined with spiritual practice and be a spiritual practice in an of itself. Work with your mentor to enhance your spiritual practice and learn how you can support students in their spiritual journey in a way that is safe, inclusive, and powerful.

Unique Areas of Study

Create a completely unique course with your mentor to focus in on what you really want to study.

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