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Aerial Yoga Training

Starts June 24

Learn to teach your students how to float and fly with ease in our comprehensive aerial yoga teacher training, taught in partnership with Aerial Yoga San Antonio.

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Unbound offers a judgement-free network of yoga professionals and inclusive Yoga Teacher Trainings that are designed for all bodies at all levels. Our Curriculum is Yoga Alliance Approved and taught by our highly trained Yoga instructors and Certified Yoga Therapists. Joining our network means high-level Yoga Teacher Trainings, personal mentorship for career growth, help with job placement, and lifelong learning and support. We believe the profession of teaching yoga is a serious one that requires excellent training, a personal commitment to ongoing practice and growth, and a desire to do good for yourself and others. Furthermore, Yoga teachers deserve good pay for good work, a balanced life, and an inclusive community within the industry. These fundamental beliefs are what Unbound was created and thrive on. 

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Unbound's Schools Standards:

We are registered with Yoga Alliance, which means that we agree to standards of education and ethical behavior. We believe this to be the bare minimum requirement for a school of good standing. Our 5-star rating says it all: we meet and exceed the standards of the Yoga Alliance community and have a commitment to always providing the best education we can, never compromising our educational or ethical values.


Anyone with a previous 200-hr certification can take our 300-hour program to register with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hr level.

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200 Hour
Yoga Teacher Training 

Begin your professional yoga career learning the basics.

300 Hour
Yoga Teacher Training

Advance your education and strengthen your career.

Yoga Teacher Training

Become a Yoga Professional on your own time at your own pace.

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Yoga Professional Career Placement

No job? No problem. Let us help you find a job placement

Host Studio
Yoga Teacher Training

Elevate your yoga studio by hosting our Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Community & Mentorship

We're in this as a collective. Use our resources to grow your profession

Want more info on how to Join Our Network?

Schedule a consult with on of our lead Instructors. 

Complimentary Resources 

Sample Yoga Class


Breath-Centered Yoga Flow

Try out a practice and see a taste of what learning from us is like!

Career Planner


Considering becoming a teacher or continuing your education? Take our quiz and guide to learn the best path for you!

"Anybody can breathe. Therefore anybody can practice yoga."

-T. K.V. Desikachar

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