These special certifications allow you to master unique styles of yoga. They focus on specific groups or complex styles and allow you to be prepared to specialize completely. These styles of yoga require unique skills, training, and experience. Join our most expertise faculty in courses that will challenge you, inspire you, and help you reach your potential as a highly specialized teacher. These courses have unique schedules and pricing.



85-hour Prenatal Yoga Certification & 20 hours towards 300-hour | Spring 2022

Meeting over 5 weekends starting in April 2022, this course will prepare you to care for students through the whole reproductive process, from fertility to pregnancy to postpartum and beyond. We will also study preparation and recovery and yoga practice to support health around reproductive surgeries, such as hysterectomy, and complications, such as endometriosis or prolonged postpartum issues.

We will learn how to support students with a wide range of knowledge, learning from both medical and yoga experts to understand how to care for students holistically. The course will include study on the physical, mental, and emotional needs our students have and the practices we can safely provide. 

Each week of training will include comprehensive training to help us understand the needs and concerns students face, with specific yoga tools and techniques suited to those needs. Week 1 will include specialized learning on nutrition and overall health. Weeks 2-4 will include a variety of yoga styles to support a wide range of student needs and goals. Week 3 will include baby yoga and trauma-sensitive training.

Week 1 - April 22-23: Fertility, Cycles, and the Pelvic Floor

Week 2 - May 6-7: Prenatal Yoga: Beginner, Gentle, and the First Trimester

Week 3 - June 24-26: Prenatal Yoga: Strengthening, Flow, and the Second Trimester

Week 4 - July 22-23: Prenatal Yoga: Adapting, Yoga for Labor, and the Third Trimester

Week 5 - August 19-20: Postpartum Yoga and Reproductive Recovery

Schedule each week:

Friday 6-9 pm | Saturday 12-8 pm

The therapeutic aspects of this course come from our expertise as yoga therapists, and this training is not intended to teach teachers to diagnose or treat medical issues. The tools and techniques learned in this training will give you insight into how these issues manifest in the body and how we as teachers can help support our students health and wellness.



60-hour course | Summer 2022

The aerial hammock is a beautiful tool that allows us to take yoga to places we cannot go with anything else. Aerial yoga makes the difficult practices of asana easier, and the simple things harder! We can experience weightlessness with some movements, and feel our bodies challenged as never before with others. 

This training emphasizes safety and fully understanding the whole process of teaching aerial yoga, from rigging to sequencing to adaptation. Aerial teachers need to be fully prepared to keep their students safe, adapt the practices, and teach all levels of students, and this comprehensive training will allow you to do all of these things.

Our collaboration with master teacher Anne McCarthy of Aerial Yoga San Antonio and Standard Deviation Yoga ensures that you will learn everything you need to know to safely assemble aerial yoga gear, teach thoughtful and safe aerial yoga classes, and take your teaching to an entirely different plane of experience.

Aerial Part I: Learn a basic 4-class series and equipment safety​​

Aerial Part II: Learn how to create sequences, offer variations, and teach advanced practices​

Weekend 1: June 11-12

Weekend 2: July 23-24

Weekend 3: August 6-7

Saturdays: 12-8 pm

Sundays: 10:30 am-5:30 pm