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Focus Your Light

with Yoga Training Continuing Education and Advanced Training

Reach more students and serve them better with our online courses. Learn how to teach special populations, increase your skills in key areas, and grow as a yoga teacher.


Better understand your students' specific needs and increase the yogic tools in your toolbox, and create experiences that are more impactful, inspiring, and motivating for your followers. Our courses offer insight into specific student populations, powerful practices, and yoga wisdom that you can apply immediately in your classes.


Appeal to more students and increase your marketability by learning how to serve many students well. In addition to offering courses that focus in on specific groups, we also offer courses that will increase skills that you can use in any class setting.


Designed to be ideal for learning at your own pace, these courses offer you the chance to learn from highly skilled and experienced teachers according to your schedule. With options for personal mentoring and support, you can discuss each course with us directly and privately, receiving personalized guidance on applying the information you learn.

All self-paced courses are eligible for continuing education credit through Yoga Alliance. To receive contact hour credit, choose to complete your course with live virtual mentoring with our faculty.

Self-Paced Workshops

Continuing Education workshops designed to give you a foundation or specific insight on the chosen topic, with immediate opportunity for application in teaching.


Adaptations for Pregnancy and Bold Bodies

Learn how to adapt your yoga classes for students with larger bodies and students who are expecting.

Self-Paced Courses

Advanced training courses for professional yoga teachers. These courses can be taken individually or as part of our 300-hour training program. These courses are designed to help you learn more about specific techniques or yoga styles.


Yoga for Athletes

Strength. Flexibility. Focus. Mental Toughness. Balance.

These are all things that athletes need, and they can be found with yoga practice.

In this course, learn how you can bring yoga into a training regimen to boost performance, reduce injuries, and give athletes the tools they need to reach their goals.

If you already teach yoga and want to bring its tools to athletes or you're a coach or trainer wanting to learn about yoga, this is the course for you. You'll learn all about how the tools and practices of yoga can support many different athletes and how you can incorporate yoga into training in a way that is manageable and effective.


Becoming a Teacher Trainer

If you are a professional yoga teacher who wants to expand your impact and be a leader in your yoga community, teaching continuing education and larger yoga trainings is an excellent path for you. When you teach the teachers, you are able to share your wisdom and experience in a powerful way that will have a positive influence on yoga teachers and practitioners for years to come. This path also allows you to have a larger, more stable income, giving you the freedom to make the best choices for your life and career.

In this one-of-a-kind course, begin your journey as an educator and learn the essential skills needed to become a faculty trainer or continuing education provider. Learn the fundamentals of lesson planning, presentation, and classroom management. Study how to teach to different learning styles, guided by modern psychology and the wisdom of Ayurveda. This course is indispensable for anyone wanting to shift their path to guide new teachers in their study of yoga.


Yin Yoga

Wind down your practice and teaching with the yoga style that embraces stillness in the body and slowly allows opening and release, physically, mentally, and emotionally. In this course, learn the unique philosophy and approach of yin yoga and the fundamentals of teaching this style of yoga.

Many modern yoga students know how to flow and strengthen with the "yang" styles of yoga, but many need to be supported in unwinding, releasing tension, calming, and balancing the energies in their bodies with more "yin" style practice.

This course is available for pre-sale and will be fully available starting December 15, 2021.


Experiential Anatomy

Over the course of this course focused on personal experience, learn to foster a relationship with the body that is based on a relationship of mutual trust. In our sessions, we will learn and experience practices to help connect us to our bodies energetically, learning to awaken and trust the body's intuition.

Through the study of physical and energetic anatomy and somatic practices, you will learn how to work with and care for the body you rely on for your work and life. Along the way, we will learn about the nervous system, myofascial chains, and physiology. And, while the focus of this course is helping you to have a better understanding of and relationship with your body, teachers will also learn how to share these experiences with their students.

This course is available for pre-sale and will be fully available December 15, 2021.


Adaptive Yoga Advanced Course

Today's average yoga student is not average at all. We are moving away from an industry dominated by young able-bodied students to one filled with students of all backgrounds and needs. Today's yoga teacher needs to be equipped to teach students of all abilities, understanding their unique needs.

In this course, gain a comprehensive understanding of how and why we can adapt our teaching to be more welcoming to more students. Expand your skills and offerings by learning anatomy, physiology, and contraindications for a variety of common physical limitations and conditions and how to modify asana and other practices to best serve these populations. Learn how to adapt your language and your whole approach to teaching to be more supportive and inclusive, empowering students to have their best experiences.

This course is available for pre-sale, and will be fully available starting January 1, 2022


Advanced Anatomy

In this practical, dynamic course, learn about the anatomy that you need to be a successful yoga teacher. By studying the body holistically and in the context of practicing yoga postures, you can gain a greater understanding of how the body moves and functions.

You'll study body differences and what causes them, how to communicate effectively with students when cueing movement, and gain a deeper understanding of the body from multiple perspectives. This course includes both a detailed look at functional anatomy and a holistic look at how we use this anatomical knowledge in group yoga practices.

This course is available for pre-sale and will be fully available starting February 1, 2022

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Live Virtual Training

We highly value learning in person or via live video as much as possible, but we know that some topics are very accessible to self-paced online learning. 

In the spirit of lifelong learning, inclusivity, and sharing the love of yoga by all means available to us, we are proud to offer online workshops and courses.

Please visit individual pages to learn about registering and tuning in virtually to live training.

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

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300-hour Yoga Teacher Training

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