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200-HR Yoga Teacher Training | Continuing Education

Unbound has a 5-star rating from Yoga Alliance and a highly reputable teacher training curriculum. Collaborating with Unbound allows studio owners to reach a new audience of exceptional yoga teachers, while we provide the materials for a successful program. Unbound's mission is to help yoga businesses thrive financially and professionally through our joint efforts in offering a successful teacher training program using your studio's name and our expert curriculum.

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Expand Your Business & Customer Base

  • Pre-designed curriculum registered with Yoga Alliance

  • Fully customizable Teacher Training Programs

  • Marketing material templates, a business plan, and ongoing mentoring and support throughout the partnership

200-HR Yoga Teacher Training

  • Yoga Alliance Approved

  • 1Year Planning Timeline

  • Trainings can be conducted virtually or in person.

  • Customizable to your audience base while still holding true to our values of accessibility to all bodies.

  • Developed by highly trained yoga therapists.

  • All Trainings Include 1-on-1 mentoring, written and observation assessment, interactive discussion, and personal application

  • Estimated return: 40% of investment

Continuing Education

  • Yoga Alliance Approved

  • 3-Month Planning Timeline

  • 15+ Workshops to choose from

  • Estimated return: 40% of revenue

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