Trauma-Sensitive Yoga


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Join yoga therapist and master teacher Angela Moore for a comprehensive study of what it means to hold space for students who have experienced trauma. This course will help you understand how to adjust your language and the practices you offer to create an environment that is safe and supportive for a wider community of students.

This 20-hour course includes personal mentorship with Angela and after completing this course teachers can choose to apprentice with Angela to study teaching yoga to specific populations.

- Self-Paced Virtual Course Coming Soon - 

Live Course:

December 2022

The therapeutic aspects of this course come from our expertise as yoga therapists, and this training is not intended to teach teachers to diagnose or treat medical issues. The tools and techniques learned in this training will give you insight into how these issues manifest in the body and how we as teachers can help support our students health and wellness.


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Webinar with Angela Moore

Learn more about why there is such a need for trauma-sensitive yoga teachers and how we might all learn to be more trauma-conscious in our teaching.


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